MADAGASCAREven minerals and crystals are to be considered "alive" and, among the various treatment alternatives, it also includes the "stone", which has its roots in the distant past, and is based on the supposed powers of crystals and minerals which, enhancing the human energy structure, would help to overcome several inharmonies evils caused by the energy of the various "subtle bodies" that has formed our physical body.
In yoga philosophy, the crystal is related to the "chakra", which are the seven areas of the body where the energy is concentrated, and each chakra suit different types of stones and crystals. To use the stones to balance the various chakras you need to follow the basic steps:
- Purification is of great importance to purify the crystals before you wear them, freeing them from all the negative energies that have absorbed on their way. You have to soak them for a few days in water and salt in a glass bowl, possibly new, or cover them with pure clay. It 'also need to occasionally cleanse their stones from our own energies or those of other people who can handle them, holding them for a few minutes under a stream of cold water viewing a waterfall and then reload letting them dry in the sun.
- Activation: To activate the energy density of a crystal previously purified enough to take it in his hands, and comparing it to the heart, with the thought send a specific request for help. Once the crystal has been activated for a specific purpose it is better not to use it for different reasons.
- Reload: after being used for a few days, the crystal must be repurified and reloaded and leave it exposed to the sun for a few hours.
The stones that most have a beneficial level physical and mental resting on the various chakras are:
- Agate is considered a great power that can give strength to all levels. It 'a protective stone for the entire body. Has a beneficial effect on the preservation of pregnancies. Fighting sterility and impotence.
Relieves pain such as headaches, muscle cramps and back. It strengthens the kidneys, lungs, stomach, liver and brain. Great for a good metabolism of food. Sharpens concentration, analytical skills and accuracy; gives security
- Aquamarine: soothes the mind and aid in relaxation. And 'suitable for those who suffer from malfunction of the thyroid gland and for those suffering from asthma and rhinitis. It also stimulates the ability to express their thoughts without fear of being judged.
- Amazonite is a stone suitable for those who, for lack of confidence in itself, tends to delegate to others the responsibility and decisions. Elevate endurance of fatigue.
- Amber: it can help those who have a tendency to depression, it also helps in alleviating the pain in the head. It can be used as a pendant on a necklace long so that it can come into contact with the heart chakra, instilling a sense of warmth.
- Amethyst: it promotes concentration, self-knowledge; can provide inner peace and serenity. Promotes physical level the production of red blood cells and tissue regeneration. Adjusts the bacterial flora of the intestine
- Azurite is used to relieve rheumatic pains and is also indicated for cervical osteoarthritis and osteoporosis
- Beryl: Has a detoxifying, revitalizing and re-balancing the autonomic nervous system. It has the ability to stimulate bowel cleansing and helps the stomach to produce acid not. Beryl makes persevering, efficient and at the same time versatile. It helps the individual to develop self-confidence, joy and patience.
- Celestina: enhances the functions of the thyroid. It is used to cure headaches and relieve tension in general: Has a purifying and regenerating. Reduces stress and peaceful mind.
- Carnelian: Carnelian is used to infuse energy and is very effective for the problems of the abdomen, it aids in digestion and in diseases of the intestine and liver. Relieves pain for kidney and gall bladder. Calm asthma and rheumatic pains.
- Jasper: Jasper yellow and brown: it balances the immune system and helps the absorption of iron, like all other varieties.
Green jasper: has a detoxifying and anti-inflammatory, is protective and refreshing. Widely used for massage and pranotherapy because it helps to transmit power and energy.
Red Jasper protects against diseases and strengthens the body. It stimulates the circulation of energy in the body. Regulates the menstrual flow and protects the genital organs.
Eliminates fatigue and fights apathy.
- Hematite: improves the absorption of iron from the small intestine and stimulates the production of red blood cells. Useful in cases of anemia. Acting on the first chakra, enhances physical strength and resistance to stress.
- Fluorite: stimulates the regeneration of the skin and mucous membranes, especially as regards the airways and lungs. The crystals immersed in the bath water can relieve the pain of osteoarthritis. Develop self-discipline and sense of order, concentration
- Labradorite: Stimulates creativity, imagination, introspection and depth of feeling. Reduces anxiety and stress. The labradorite is an excellent antidote to the illusions. Vince dispersion, strengthens intuition and allows you to see the true nature of our goals. Malachite: it has the ability to sort out the confusion and helps to keep joints supple. Resting on the breasts of the face can help the pain of sinusitis.
- Opal: depending on the color and shades, opal acts on different chakras. The fire opal acts on the sacred. And 'stimulant and antidepressant.
- Quartz is considered a powerful transformer of energy, able to receive, transmit and stabilize the pulses that are directed, therefore, for this reason, in its variety, place it on the various energy centers purificherebbe vibration, balancing and stimulating ' vital energy and strengthening the immune system. The quartz with tourmaline is considered a stone that combines the polarity of opposites, as the needles are inserted in the dark of tourmaline transparency of the quartz; for this reason it is considered a stone that promotes spirituality in people attached to material things. The hyaline quartz instead helps to sort out our energy and relieve pain due to stress and tension. Leaning on the painful point would transform the negative energy that generates pain in neutral energy, and then draw a new positive energy. The rutile quartz stimulates the immune system and helps to relieve tension. The citrine can be a good cosmetic treatment: resting on the abdomen between the 1st and the 3rd chakra promotes the assimilation of vitamins A and E and slows down the aging physical
- Rhodochrosite: strengthens the body and mind and is therefore suitable for the psycho-physical recovery post-traumatic. It stimulates the metabolism and is a general tonic for the body: The rhodochrosite promotes unconditional love and optimistic attitude towards life. It is a good guide to the pursuit of happiness in the emotional field
- Rodonite: strengthens the nervous system and the immune system, regulates the heart and stimulates the blood circulation, promotes fertility. Increase the love for themselves allowing them to understand and forgive wrongs, to heal the wounds and break free from the chains of pain, anger or resentment. It helps to bring peace and harmony where there is conflict by promoting understanding and friendship
- Black Tourmaline is a mineral of full power, is a shield against all negative energies, resentment and pessimism. It is believed that shortens the healing time of wounds and protects from radiation that can be harmful to our body.
- Turquoise: flow at the throat promotes blood circulation and is valid for tissue regeneration.

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