MADAGASCARMadagascar appears as one of the 50 poorest countries in the world, according to UN data, the economy is still based mainly on subsistence agriculture; the main food crops are rice, cassava, beans and bananas. But there is also a small company of craftsmen who, with their skill and experience working materials such as: the zebu and crocodile leather, raffia creating some unique items such as bags, frames, boxes, ornaments and so on., Cotton tablecloths, kitchen sets, clothing, all hand embroidered, horn Zebu, bracelets, purse items, without money, cutlery and kitchen utensils, paper packaging of antemoro, envelopes, boxes; it is from these people that the company Madamanga began a collaboration by enabling a fair trade and sustainable for the very poor looking with time and with your help, to provide support to humanitarian associations existing for a long time in the territory of Madagascar.